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Move ALL the things

In the past month I moved out of my condo and into my boyfriend Scott’s house, and also moved my business into real office space. The best part of moving is coupons. I had to change three addresses with the postal service – my personal address, Drink Up Columbus and speechbubble. That means three times [...]

Her name is Reno

Thanks to my boobs I recently won a trip to Reno to attend craft beer festival CANFEST and relax for a few days. I also got come home with two ear infections, a sinus infection and bronchitis so I guess you can’t win ‘em all. As part of the contest Scott and I got picked [...]

Shit I Did in August

I was kind of quiet on the internets last week because I was dealing with double ear infections (double ear infections! what does it mean!), a sinus infections AND bronchitis. Sickness: gotta catch ‘em all! Shit I wrote other places: Drink Up Columbus: Mad Moon Craft Cider Launching in Columbus Shit that happened elsewhere: I [...]

Shit I Did in July

Yesterday I discovered the text art accompaniment to a CSI Caruso one-liner. BUT MY BLOG KEEPS BREAKING THE @$%#^$ CHARACTER IN THE LITTLE SQUARE SUNGLASSES SO THIS IS A SCREENSHOT. YEEEEAAAHHHHHHHH! Shit I wrote other places: 614 Magazine: Dazed and Infused 614 Magazine: Brownie Points Drink Up Columbus: Columbus is about to get Cray Drink [...]

Things I’m loving lately

Awkward Greeting Cards I don’t know that a greeting card has ever spoken to my soul more than every single one of these awkward cards from Emily McDowell. I will be eagerly awaiting an opportunity to use these “Thank you for the awesome thing you did/said/are” cards I snagged. Check one. The MaddAddam Trilogy If [...]