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Shit I Did In March

I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET THIS DAMN PSA SONG OUT OF MY HEAD FOR OVER A MONTH. That’s the EXTENDED version, which goes on for roughly 37 years. The version that plays on TV all the time is only 30 seconds, which it turns out is just long enough to ruin your life. [...]

This damn bird has a death wish

Sunday morning Scott and I were sleeping in when a repeated thumping noise made it impossible to continue pretending that 11am was a socially acceptable time to still be in bed. We came downstairs to find this suicidal bird smashing repeatedly into the window. Post by Cheryl Harrison. It was pretty amusing for a while [...]

Shit I Did In February

When I first started working from home I wore sweat pants alllll the time and I kind of felt like a bum… …until recently, when I downgraded (upgraded?) to just wrapping myself in a towel or sheet all day. I’m not sure if you should be disgusted by my laziness, or jealous because THIS SHEET [...]

Shit I Did This Week – 2/7/2013

When people ask me “Whatchoo doin’?” I still reply, “Nothin’, chillin’ at the Holiday Inn.” I hate myself. Shit I wrote other places: 614 Magazine: Drinking Games – The Short North’s new game night out Drink Up Columbus: Rockmill and Seventh Son releasing collaboration beer Drink Up Columbus: Watershed Distillery expanding distribution reach Drink Up [...]

Shit I Did This Week – 1/24/2014

…and by “shit I did this week” I mean “Shit I’ve done since NOVEMBER FREAKIN’ FIRST because I am a slacker of epic proportions and it’s been that long since I’ve posted one of these. My bad.” …but that’s not a very web-friendly blog post title, or something. Shit I wrote on here: “Don’t judge [...]