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Shit I Did in February

The other day I get an application in my email from a young man interested in my current job opening. I immediately open it, and as I’m skimming through his cover letter, there’s a knock on my office door. He walks in and hands me a beer bottle that’s been cut and polished into a [...]

Things I’m loving lately

Mini Photo Lens Kit I picked up this phone lens kit – which includes a fish eye lens and a wide angle lens – and I’m obsessed! The lenses simply slide over top of your phone’s camera lens. The wide angle lens makes it easy to capture the full picture — even in Instagram’s usually [...]

Shit I did in January

Last night my friend Bryant from Yelp Columbus hosted a Lumbersexual (yes you read that correctly) party with my client Smokehouse Brewing and it was super fun to be a part of but the point of me telling you about it is that 10 minutes ago I was sitting in my conference room meeting about [...]

Things I’m loving lately

ClassPass If you like to workout in group classes, OR if you’re not sure IF you like to workout in group classes and need some guidance on WHICH group classes, if any, are right for you, then you’ll love ClassPass. I fall into the latter category – I work out twice a week one-on-one with [...]

I’m going to show you my super sexy breathing machine

For roughly the past three years, I’ve been constantly exhausted, despite sleeping 8-9 hours every night and taking (necessary, see: exhausted) mid-day naps. Exercising or not, eating healthy or shit, drinking or not drinking… no matter what I did, I felt like shit every single day when I had to get out of bed. If [...]