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Shit I Did in July

Yesterday I discovered the text art accompaniment to a CSI Caruso one-liner. BUT MY BLOG KEEPS BREAKING THE @$%#^$ CHARACTER IN THE LITTLE SQUARE SUNGLASSES SO THIS IS A SCREENSHOT. YEEEEAAAHHHHHHHH! Shit I wrote other places: 614 Magazine: Dazed and Infused 614 Magazine: Brownie Points Drink Up Columbus: Columbus is about to get Cray Drink [...]

Things I’m loving lately

Awkward Greeting Cards I don’t know that a greeting card has ever spoken to my soul more than every single one of these awkward cards from Emily McDowell. I will be eagerly awaiting an opportunity to use these “Thank you for the awesome thing you did/said/are” cards I snagged. Check one. The MaddAddam Trilogy If [...]

Shit I Did in June

So, uh, earlier this month Wendy’s mailed me this big box filled with rose petals, my name in a heart-shaped picture frame, a walkman, and a mixtape of pretzel love songs. Two things. First, where the hell did Wendy’s procure a bunch of Walkmans in 2014?! And second — am… am I now “going steady” [...]

Gwynnie Bee

I do not like shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like new clothes, but I do not want to look for them, or try them on, and I definitely don’t want to be anywhere near a mall. So after seeing a Facebook ad for the bajillionth time for a free trial at Gwynnie Bee (referral [...]

My recipe for a fun party

Last Thursday I celebrated three years of running the booze news blog Drink Up Columbus by throwing a big party at Strongwater Food & Spirits for my friends and 500 of my closest strangers. Seriously, I have no idea who most of the people were at the event – which is awesome. It’s exciting to [...]