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Camera bag swag

Ever since I picked up my first DSLR camera earlier this year I have been looking for an over-the-shoulder camera bag that would perfectly fit the camera with a lens attached and still leave room for an extra lens, plus compartments for spare lens caps (because I lose them pretty much daily) and a few […]

Totes green with envy [GIVEAWAY]

The nice folks from Thirty One Gifts invited me to peruse through their catalog to pick out something purty for myself and I fell in love with this bright green Daring Abbey tall tote so they gave me one (thanks!) and they also gave me one to give away to one of you and now […]

Lasers and Zombies

My chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse GREATLY increased last week when I paid a few thousand dollars to be shot by lasers. I may need to rewind a bit. I’ve needed glasses since I was seven years old, which was terrific because I had just skipped the second grade so I was already that […]

All The Shit

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any Shit I Did recaps on my blog since February, it’s because I’ve been busy doing a LOT of shit. This is the shit highlight reel. I planned a pretty epic Leap Day party with my friend Bryant complete with all the Leap Day traditions outlined in a […]

Shit I Did in January

This month I took a step toward becoming the boss bitch I am in my mind and hired Maids About Columbus to clean my house. There are some things that just make you feel as grown as hell, like filing your own taxes or buying a car that is less than 10 years old or […]