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Why NOT to schedule Tweets

There’s a big, predictable reason: if you pop up on someone’s feed, they might reply to you in real-time and expect a response in real-time. Then there’s every other unpredictable reason: There might be a bad storm and your store might lose power even though your scheduled Tweets say you’re open. You might run out […]

Confessions of a Community Manager

I currently have half a dozen businesses (oh, and myself) for which I act as the community manager – developing content for social media accounts, responding to customers comments, proactively generating new business, etc. I’ve worked with another dozen in the past. These are some confessions. Sometimes I have conversations on Twitter between the different […]

Facebook app for pages – finally!

Facebook finally released an iPhone app for managing pages, so now I can get push notifications when someone posts on one of my client’s pages, which is great. But now, on top of the push vibrations I was already getting for Tweets, I expect that I will spend roughly 40% of my day with my […]

VenueSeen makes photo content marketing a snap

There are people sharing photos of your business, whether you want them to or not. And you SHOULD want them to, because you can use them. Columbus-based startup VenueSeen collects publicly posted photos of your business from Instagram, Foursquare and Foodspotting (other networks coming soon, maybe) and makes it easy for you to post them […]

Three keys to successfully outsourcing social media

Outsourcing social media is one of those topics that people get weird about (Google “outsource social media” if you don’t know what I mean.) If a large company can outsource their web design to an agency, and their PR to a different agency, and their customer service to a call center, why is it so […]