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Gwynnie Bee

I do not like shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like new clothes, but I do not want to look for them, or try them on, and I definitely don’t want to be anywhere near a mall. So after seeing a Facebook ad for the bajillionth time for a free trial at Gwynnie Bee (referral [...]

My recipe for a fun party

Last Thursday I celebrated three years of running the booze news blog Drink Up Columbus by throwing a big party at Strongwater Food & Spirits for my friends and 500 of my closest strangers. Seriously, I have no idea who most of the people were at the event – which is awesome. It’s exciting to [...]

An ode to cans

I came across a contest enticing bloggers to write about why cans are awesome for a chance to go to this big festival called Canfest, and while I don’t usually enter such things I I had to enter this one because my cans ARE awesome. I mean just look at ‘em. Deb can’t get enough. [...]

So I found $2,000 worth of gift cards in the driveway

On Saturday night, Scott and I spotted something shiny at the edge of his driveway. It turned out to be a small lunchbox emblazoned with the family from the short-lived 60s TV sitcom The Munsters. It also turned out it had been run over by several cars, a mashed metal homage to Mockingbird Heights. Visible [...]

This damn bird has a death wish

Sunday morning Scott and I were sleeping in when a repeated thumping noise made it impossible to continue pretending that 11am was a socially acceptable time to still be in bed. We came downstairs to find this suicidal bird smashing repeatedly into the window. Post by Cheryl Harrison. It was pretty amusing for a while [...]