i am a good idea.

Loving looks ad nauseam

It’s been so long since I posted something on here that I sort of forgot to share that I got engaged in April or that we bought a house in May or that I’m pregnant HAHA JUST KIDDING ON THAT LAST ONE IT’S JUST A BEER GUT GUYS so to make up for lost time […]

Totes green with envy [GIVEAWAY]

The nice folks from Thirty One Gifts invited me to peruse through their catalog to pick out something purty for myself and I fell in love with this bright green Daring Abbey tall tote so they gave me one (thanks!) and they also gave me one to give away to one of you and now […]

Body shots

I’ve been letting my clients use my body a lot lately. Wait. I think I should rephrase that. My company, speechbubble, manages social media for lots of local businesses, and we’re constantly capturing photo and video content to help our clients tell their stories in a compelling, visual way. We’ve noticed that having a person […]

Obligatory “year in review” post

When I was in high school I would always share a year-end roundup post on my LiveJournal consisting mostly of coded (in case mom ever found it!) recounts of the number of times I got drunk, lists of inside jokes that were never actually funny, and melodramatic musings about boys. I turned 27 this year, […]

I too was surprised to find heaven in Perrysburg, Ohio

You guys I found heaven and there weren’t any singing angels or fluffy clouds or dead relatives waiting to greet me and I gotta tell you I was pretty surprised to find it in the middle of a warehouse district in Perrysburg, Ohio. “Cheryl that’s not heaven that’s a swimming pool” is what you would […]