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Blowout Babe

Hair stylists regularly tell me that my hair is a stylist’s dream, so I guess that hair stylists are sick fucks because my thick, frizzy, curly hair is the stuff of nightmares. Anyway, my friends at The Blowout Bar recently asked me to be a hair model for their new style menu and I never […]

Buy my Box

A rough approximation of the email thread when Andrea from Modest Box asked me if I would be willing to curate a box with some of my favorite Ohio-made products: Andrea: Would you like to curate a Modest Box? Me: Sounds like fun! Andrea: Let’s schedule a photoshoot with you and your box Me: …LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL […]

Things I’m loving lately

Mini Photo Lens Kit I picked up this phone lens kit – which includes a fish eye lens and a wide angle lens – and I’m obsessed! The lenses simply slide over top of your phone’s camera lens. The wide angle lens makes it easy to capture the full picture — even in Instagram’s usually […]

I’m going to show you my super sexy breathing machine

For roughly the past three years, I’ve been constantly exhausted, despite sleeping 8-9 hours every night and taking (necessary, see: exhausted) mid-day naps. Exercising or not, eating healthy or shit, drinking or not drinking… no matter what I did, I felt like shit every single day when I had to get out of bed. If […]

In which I interview a Power Ranger

I went to a press party the night before Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con kicked off to pick up my press pass and as I was checking in the PR person was like “Do you want to interview Jason David Frank?” and I’m thinking umm I did not plan to interview Jason David Frank fka […]