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In which I interview a Power Ranger

I went to a press party the night before Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con kicked off to pick up my press pass and as I was checking in the PR person was like “Do you want to interview Jason David Frank?” and I’m thinking umm I did not plan to interview Jason David Frank fka [...]

Settlers of Catan Costume

This year, instead of recycling the same Amy Pond costume I’ve worn for the last two Halloweens, I had the foresight to combine my loves of board gaming and funtivities* into a costume, and thus Scott and I were The Settlers of Catan… and you can too. * (fuhn-tiv-i-tees, plural noun, the condition in which [...]

Playing model

Since I first wrote about Gwynnie Bee back in June I haven’t posted anything else about the plus-sized clothing rental service on this blog, so I’m updating you now because I recently became an affiliate for Gwynnie Bee after several people were like “you talk about that Gwynnie Bee place a lot – do they, [...]

Shit I Did in August

I was kind of quiet on the internets last week because I was dealing with double ear infections (double ear infections! what does it mean!), a sinus infections AND bronchitis. Sickness: gotta catch ‘em all! Shit I wrote other places: Drink Up Columbus: Mad Moon Craft Cider Launching in Columbus Shit that happened elsewhere: I [...]

Gwynnie Bee

I do not like shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like new clothes, but I do not want to look for them, or try them on, and I definitely don’t want to be anywhere near a mall. So after seeing a Facebook ad for the bajillionth time for a free trial at Gwynnie Bee (affiliate [...]