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Do(n’t) drink and Amazon

After leaving my friend Haley’s bridal shower last Saturday I decided that I, too, wanted to make a list of random crap that I want other people to buy for me.

But while I was on Amazon adding shit to my wishlist (which you can view here but only if you are going to buy me things) I was also working my way through a growler of 10% ABV deliciousness, and in the end Drunk Cheryl made some purchases. Two days later when the UPS man showed up at my house three separate times I was just as surprised as my husband to open boxes that contained a silver bracelet, a toilet bowl cleaner, a sports bra, some horrendously bright pink blush, and the game Cards Against Humanity. (Which, as I learned this weekend, is the best game ever invented by anyone ever.)

So basically drinking and Amazon-ing is like throwing yourself a shower because you make a list of all the stuff you want and Drunk You will pick what you get and when you get it and sometimes will completely surprise you by throwing in a toilet bowl cleaner that you didn’t even know you wanted.

4 Responses to “Do(n’t) drink and Amazon”

  1. Dave Watts says:

    Seriously? Decorative balls? So many jokes, so little time.

  2. Cheryl says:

    You’re jealous of my balls.

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