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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Old Spice Videos

180 videos received almost 6 million views and over 22,000 comments.


Old Spice created a character through a TV commercial who went sort of viral on his own. Then they took their viral character and MADE him viral, by responding to tweets from influencers and Joe Schmoes alike with highly entertaining, short, personalized videos. And people went nuts about it. This guy got engaged. Alyssa Milano got some flowers and a hand written note carried painstakinly over the mountside in bare feet. Hell, they even got the /b/tards over at 4chan to embrace him (which is astounding for about a bajillion reasons)

  • Estimated hours of productivity lost globally because of the Old Spice man: 15,326,764*.

The videos and buzz about them aren’t going to stop anytime soon, either. But rather than rehash some of the information and insight others have shared, here are links to a few great articles with information on how it was done, what results it achieved and why the campaign was so brilliant… and a bonus interview with Isaiah Mustafa:

What did you think about the campaign, and, like me, did you waste a good 2 hours of your day watching the videos and laughing your ass off? Let’s chat in the comments :)

*92% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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