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Things I’m loving lately

Here’s a few things I’m loving lately. You probably figured that out from the post title.

The Bathory Bath Salts

the bathory
Look, I want to help preserve the planet and stuff, but there is nothing in the world I love more than a long, hot bath. I compensate for this wasted water by not flushing the toilet everytime I pee. I’m not sure it’s an even trade-off, but hey, I’m trying OK. Anyway, The Bathory lets you design your own bath salts, and not the kind that make you eat people’s faces. I picked a hydrating oatmeal, honey and buttermilk blend, with grapefruit (for inspiration!), rosemary (for magic!) and ylang ylang (for sexy! look I didn’t make these descriptions up they are on the website.) IDK if I’m magically inspired to be sexy after my bath, but it smells nice. The salts are super expensive ($35 for a bottle that can be used for 1-4 baths), but they would make an awesome gift – AND you can take 20% off your first soak with code BEINGCHERYL20 through the end of June.

Plus they come in this cute little black jar with handy suggestions for re-use. I intend to re-use the jar to help compensate for all my baths. You’re welcome, planet.

the bathory jar

Kevin Murphy dry shampoo

kevin murphy
I have a lot of fucking hair, ask any poor soul who has ever been forced to cut, color or style it. It’s a roughly 1.5 hour process to shampoo, blowdry and flatiron my fluffy red mane, so I don’t like to do it more than twice a week. This dry shampoo from Kevin Murphy (affiliate link) has been working well for me between blowouts by absorbing oil, sweat and whatever other nasties have accumulated on my head.

But the best part is it makes your hair smell like a creamsicle soooo, yeah. Creamsicle.

Butter coffee

butter coffee
I was pretty grossed out when people started talking about Bulletproof coffee, but when my fellow Columbus blogger Allie posted a recipe I was intrigued… but way too lazy to take the time to do all that shit in my morning cup of coffee, and also I’m allergic to and/or don’t like coconut. But then my friend Bryant posted this link and I realized oh, I can just do the butter part! I don’t like milk or creamer in my coffee, so I wasn’t sure a different dairy product was gonna do much for me, but it’s actually really, really tasty, and I’ve been subbing it for my usual two packs of Splenda so I’ll get less cancer or whatever it is Splenda causes. To be determined if my brain works better or I burn fat or whatever else it’s supposed to do, but yay butter! This Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed butter is pretty widely available, but if you really want you can buy it on the internet (affiliate link.)

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