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What To Do in Columbus, Ohio

You may have noticed that I kind of love Columbus, so I get several emails every week from people asking me what to do here. I finally decided that instead of compiling a short list of random recommendations each time I’m asked, I’d compile one mega list and just link to it. And here we are.

Here are suggestions for a full day of awesomeness in different neighborhoods:

Downtown (near Convention Center):

Short North:

German Village:


Other stuff to check out:

All of these recommendations are based on stuff I personally like (which is apparently mostly drinking and eating), and are limited to neighborhoods in which I think you’re likely to be spending time on a trip. There are a ton of other great things (and some seriously drool-worthy dining options) to do in the above neighborhoods, and other neighborhoods not even mentioned – this is not a “best of” or comprehensive list of anything, so please don’t yell at me and tell me I “forgot” something important or picked the “wrong” places because I will just reply with a string of expletives.

(disclosure: Woodlands, ShadowboxLive and Zauber are clients. But I only work with them because I think they’re kickass in the first place. Make of that what you will.)

11 Responses to “What To Do in Columbus, Ohio”

  1. Love your stuff…….please like my page so we can share posts etc. I love, love the events in Columbus article. I posted on my wall. People are always looking for fun things to do!


  2. Adam Lehman says:

    Dig it! I’d also add Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace and One Line Coffee (in the short north).

    Great list!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I haven’t been to One Line Coffee yet, but I have heard nothing but great things and am looking forward to trying it. Dirty Franks would be a great alt lunch choice for German Village visitors (it’s not IN German Village, but it’s such a short walk that I used to go there all the time when I worked in that neighborhood) – thanks for the comment!

  4. Old Towne East is also a great little bubble, just East from downtown, over I-71. Notable explorations include:
    CS Gallery –
    The Angry Baker –
    & lot’s of sweet street art, if you’re on a budget and just want to stroll around!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Great add! Old Towne is a neighborhood I haven’t gotten the chance to fully explore. The new Olde Towne Tavern looks promising for beer fans!

  6. Laura Oldham says:

    This is an awesome list. I enjoy Clintonville for a ton of reasons as well. Tons of cute little shops, fun garage and yard sales on the weekends and a great farmers’ market. I think it’s a great area to just explore on a Sunday.

  7. Cheryl says:

    I will have to devote an upcoming weekend to Clintonville

  8. Dave says:

    Here’s a list of everything you forgot…. (kidding..)

    Start North (or South. Or East. Or West) and walk from there to downtown. Stop in at everything that looks interesting. (don’t forget to rehydrate!) You’ll be surprised how many stops you make. (unless you’re a boring person who doesn’t find cool shit interesting.) Talk to shop owners too.

  9. Great list!

    I would add wandering the Main Library and Topiary Park downtown, Schiller Park in German Village, and Goodale Park in the Short North. All are nice places to walk off some of the edibles and often have public fests, fairs, and music.

  10. Cheryl says:

    STRING OF EXPLETIVES, DAVE! lol. Just kidding. You’re right – there’s so much to do in that strip that people don’t need a list, they can explore themselves easily

  11. Cheryl says:

    Great adds, Rachel!

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