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Shit I Did in 2018

About five years ago I started sharing recaps of the shit I did each month (originally I was doing it on a weekly basis but reached the inevitable conclusion that I don’t do that much shit) and then I must have died around June of 2016 because I never posted another update but now I’m […]

Loving looks ad nauseam

It’s been so long since I posted something on here that I sort of forgot to share that I got engaged in April or that we bought a house in May or that I’m pregnant HAHA JUST KIDDING ON THAT LAST ONE IT’S JUST A BEER GUT GUYS so to make up for lost time […]

Lasers and Zombies

My chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse GREATLY increased last week when I paid a few thousand dollars to be shot by lasers. I may need to rewind a bit. I’ve needed glasses since I was seven years old, which was terrific because I had just skipped the second grade so I was already that […]

All The Shit

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any Shit I Did recaps on my blog since February, it’s because I’ve been busy doing a LOT of shit. This is the shit highlight reel. I planned a pretty epic Leap Day party with my friend Bryant complete with all the Leap Day traditions outlined in a […]

Shit I Did in January

This month I took a step toward becoming the boss bitch I am in my mind and hired Maids About Columbus to clean my house. There are some things that just make you feel as grown as hell, like filing your own taxes or buying a car that is less than 10 years old or […]