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Body shots

I’ve been letting my clients use my body a lot lately. Wait. I think I should rephrase that. My company, speechbubble, manages social media for lots of local businesses, and we’re constantly capturing photo and video content to help our clients tell their stories in a compelling, visual way. We’ve noticed that having a person […]

Obligatory “year in review” post

When I was in high school I would always share a year-end roundup post on my LiveJournal consisting mostly of coded (in case mom ever found it!) recounts of the number of times I got drunk, lists of inside jokes that were never actually funny, and melodramatic musings about boys. I turned 27 this year, […]

Shit I Did in November

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I was affiliated with a bar consultancy in Napoli, Italy because she had stumbled across a Facebook page for “Drinkup Napoli” that was using a nearly-identical version of the Drink Up Columbus logo. My answer, of course, was “WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK?!” as I certainly had […]

Shit I Did in October

When I saw Inside Out in theaters this summer I cried my eyes out which was super awkward since 1) my boyfriend and I were the only childless adults in the theater and 2) we both had two empty bottles of Columbus Brewing Company IPA in front of us so all the parents kept looking […]

Shit I Did in September

I just got back from a “hotel” with a private heated swimming pool IN THE ROOM and it was so damn specialtastic that it warranted its own blog post. ♫ Started from the bottom now we here ♫ Shit that happened in September: I emcee’d a charity Scrabble tournament that raised over $2,500 for Columbus […]