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Shit I Did in October

When I saw Inside Out in theaters this summer I cried my eyes out which was super awkward since 1) my boyfriend and I were the only childless adults in the theater and 2) we both had two empty bottles of Columbus Brewing Company IPA in front of us so all the parents kept looking […]

Shit I Did in September

I just got back from a “hotel” with a private heated swimming pool IN THE ROOM and it was so damn specialtastic that it warranted its own blog post. ♫ Started from the bottom now we here ♫ Shit that happened in September: I emcee’d a charity Scrabble tournament that raised over $2,500 for Columbus […]

I too was surprised to find heaven in Perrysburg, Ohio

You guys I found heaven and there weren’t any singing angels or fluffy clouds or dead relatives waiting to greet me and I gotta tell you I was pretty surprised to find it in the middle of a warehouse district in Perrysburg, Ohio. “Cheryl that’s not heaven that’s a swimming pool” is what you would […]

Shit I Did This Summer

As far as people who read this blog can tell I died at the end of May because I promised to post a recap every month and then I sort of forgot and now it’s September so I’m sorry if you thought I was dead but also I’ve posted plenty of shit on Twitter, Facebook, […]

Shit I Did in May

Guys I’ve developed a SERIOUS sushi addiction. I ate sushi for SEVEN different meals in May and while that’s arguably healthier than my usual diet of “all the bacon and sixteen different cheeses” you can get mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi, and according to Wikipedia the symptoms are just “lack of coordination” (which […]