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Body shots

I’ve been letting my clients use my body a lot lately.

Wait. I think I should rephrase that.

My company, speechbubble, manages social media for lots of local businesses, and we’re constantly capturing photo and video content to help our clients tell their stories in a compelling, visual way. We’ve noticed that having a person in the background of a shot creates movement and interest, and that the photos with a person perform better on social media than those without, probably because they blend in better with the types of photos real people are posting, and because it adds a human element — even an out-of-focus one. I usually ended up as “the person” in these social media shoots, not because any of my body parts are particular appealing, but, well, because I’m available, and cheap. My friend Jim Ellison is particularly good at spotting me lurking in the background of pictures, and now that you’re clued in you can keep an eye out for The Various Parts of Cheryl Harrison next time you’re scrolling through your feed.


Beer Social Media


Schmidt's Social Media



Columbus Social Media Photography

Mash Appeal


Social Media Photography



Mad props to Abby who actually takes the pictures, and politely tells me when I need to get the hell out of the way of a shot she’s trying to set up.

If your business needs help with social media community management, give us a shout.

(photos pictured are for clients Zauber Brewing, Superior Beverage Group, Smokehouse Brewing Company, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Woodlands Tavern)

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