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Shit I Did in 2018

About five years ago I started sharing recaps of the shit I did each month (originally I was doing it on a weekly basis but reached the inevitable conclusion that I don’t do that much shit) and then I must have died around June of 2016 because I never posted another update but now I’m […]

All The Shit

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any Shit I Did recaps on my blog since February, it’s because I’ve been busy doing a LOT of shit. This is the shit highlight reel. I planned a pretty epic Leap Day party with my friend Bryant complete with all the Leap Day traditions outlined in a […]

Shit I Did in January

This month I took a step toward becoming the boss bitch I am in my mind and hired Maids About Columbus to clean my house. There are some things that just make you feel as grown as hell, like filing your own taxes or buying a car that is less than 10 years old or […]

Shit I Did in November

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I was affiliated with a bar consultancy in Napoli, Italy because she had stumbled across a Facebook page for “Drinkup Napoli” that was using a nearly-identical version of the Drink Up Columbus logo. My answer, of course, was “WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK?!” as I certainly had […]

Shit I Did in October

When I saw Inside Out in theaters this summer I cried my eyes out which was super awkward since 1) my boyfriend and I were the only childless adults in the theater and 2) we both had two empty bottles of Columbus Brewing Company IPA in front of us so all the parents kept looking […]