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I see you over there, stalking my LinkedIn profile

There’s something in human nature that wants people to stalk us, as long as we know they’re stalking us. I can only assume this because phishing schemes pre-dating MySpace and continuing today on Facebook and Twitter continue to spawn by offering you the chance to “See who viewed your profile!”

Well, one major social network really DOES show you who viewed your profile, LinkedIn.


If the viewer is connected within three degrees of you, or if you have a premium account (moneybags), LinkedIn shows you their name and links you to their profile. Otherwise it gives you some perverse guessing game where it tells you that one of the below ten people who all work in the same industry at the same career level in the same city viewed your profile. Can you guess who?!


Can you guess who, it’s a mystery.
Does your person wear a hat? No. You’re history! But I’m still here!
Can you guess who?
Does your person have a beard? Uh-huh. You’re out of here.
Can you guess who, do you have a clue?
Does your person wear glasses? Yes. I’m gone! Me too!
Can you guess who? Not you or you. You’re Sam! You win! LET’S PLAY AGAIN!
Guess Who: Gamecards do not actually talk.
(was that disclaimer really needed? haha)

I never play the guessing game. Mostly because I don’t want to click on someone’s profile to try to ascertain if they would have had a reason to be on my profile, because then THEY can see I was on THEIR profile, and they’ll have to wonder, for the rest of their lives, what the redhead wanted, and why she didn’t have the decency to say “hello!”

But for the people who I can identify, I often click over to their profile. And then judge them. Because in my head (see: this) they judged me first. I mean, they searched LinkedIn, found me, and I was what they thought they wanted, but when they finished reading my profile… they left silently and never gave me a second thought.

We never even had a chance.

6 Responses to “I see you over there, stalking my LinkedIn profile”

  1. Ross Felix says:

    Great points, Cheryl.

    There are a lot of similarities on Linkedin to dating sites. For example, unless you and I are already connected, or share a group, I can’t send you an email… and if I don’t already know your email address, I might not be able to send you an invitation (unless of course, I “cheat” and say that we’ve done business together).

    One other point, I might have found someone (like you) on Twitter, and went to Linkedin to learn a bit more about you — and then sent a mutual friend a note asking them to make an introduction.

    That said, I think these situations are somewhat rare, and restricted to the socially responsible and active networkers. Unfortunately, there are probably 5-10 of the “stalkers” for every 1 of the good kind.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. I’ve always found that interesting… For me, I was curious to see what competitors were checking out my profile (for updates, etc.).

  3. Cheryl says:

    True that – I sometimes wonder if people realize I can see them, lol

  4. Tony says:

    I hear ya, it’s kinda crazy because these people can access your life in a way, who you work for, where you are, etc…I had a recent “one of these people in the legal profession viewed you” and when I opened it, one of my EX girlfriends was there…I wonder who it was that was viewing me? It’s a bit creepy but moreover I’m with you Cheryl, if you’re going to take the time to stalk my page at least have the courtesy to send me a note! Lastly, I think it completely odd that someone can make themselves completely invisible when viewing your profile? Who came up with that and what reason would someone want to do that other than being surreptitious?

  5. Melanie says:

    I recently connected with my crush on linkedin (a friend of mine who I regularly stalk on facebook as well). It wasn’t until after I viewed his profile every day for four day’s straight, and sometimes twice in one day, that it dawned on me he would be able to tell…I’m now completely horrified that my profile will be listed over and over again on his ‘who’s viewed me page”. It’s even more embarrassing since he knows about my crush and doesn’t feel the same! Yet, here I am, still clearly stalking him! Gosh, I couldn’t have changed my settings to anonymous before I found this out!!

  6. Josie Q. says:

    Great info. Thank you. I would click on someone’s profile to see what they were up to, then realize they did not want to be in touch with me — so I felt the pest online… Glad I could cancel the entire account.

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