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Instead of a birthday drink, help me feed families.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook recently, you’re probably aware that my 21st birthday is in two weeks, on November 17th. Ordinarily when someone turns 21, you buy them a drink, right?

Well, instead of buying me that drink, I want my blog readers, colleagues, social media connections, friends and family to take the money that you might have spent on that celebratory beer or shot and put it to better use; feeding families in Central Ohio, through the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Look at it this way:


Some important information about the food bank:

  • In 2008 the Mid-Ohio Foodbank responded to over 1.5 million requests for food assistance. This year they’ve already seen a 13% increase.
  • For every $1 Mid-Ohio Foodbank recieves, they are able to distribute $8 worth of groceries.
  • 38% of the food requests Mid-Ohio Foodbank receives are for children.

In the two weeks leading up to my birthday, I ask that you help me use social media for social good and help feed hungry – and all you have to do is buy me a drink! Hey, even a $2 donation for a “beer” translates into $16 worth of groceries. And you know you’ve got at least $2 laying around… probably in your couch or car.

So… shots, anyone?


  • Jason Blanton bought two Fuzzy Navel shots!
  • Melissa Barth bought a bottle of chardonnay!
  • Michelle Savoldi bought a six-pack of Christmas Ale!
  • Nick Jones bought a bottle of merlot!
  • Miah Gregory bought a round and four Washington Apple shots!
  • David Krumlauf bought a bottle of cabernet!
  • Scott Stratten bought a bottle of pinot grigio!
  • Joshua Duignan bought two Georgia Peach shots!
  • Lissa Bolles bought a bottle of sauvignon blanc!
  • Timothy Brainard bought out the bar! Shots all around!
  • Dave Braden bought two lemon drop shots!
  • Mark Allen bought a Jager bomb shot!
  • Megan Hofmann bought two Red Headed Slut shots!
  • Alex Compton bought a bottle of port!
  • Alvin Borromeo bought a car bomb shot!
  • Stephanie Thompson bought a mind eraser shot!
  • Doug Hazelman bought a round of martinis!
  • Sales Development Services bought a round of buffalo margaritas!
  • Andrea Rawlings bought a buttery nipple shot!
  • Wendy Mohr bought a round of vodka cran!
  • Richard Basile bought a Sierra Nevada and a tequila slammer shot!
  • Elizabeth Reeves bought a Heineken and a girl scout cookie shot!
  • Heidi Griesmer bought two Alabama Slammer shots!
  • Lisa Foster bought a bottle of pinot noir and a shot of straight vodka!
  • Cynthia DeVelvis bought a whiskey sour shot!
  • Laura Rees bought two shots of gin!
  • Dave Ungar bought a jello shot!
  • Matt Martindale bought a caramel apple shot!
  • Daniel Hoffman bought two Christmas Ales!
  • Gordon MacPherson bought a bottle of riesling and two shots!
  • Stacy Brunner bought a cherry bomb shot!
  • John Edgar bought two rounds of Appletinis!
  • Katie McCartney bought a B-52 shot!
  • Nathan Stickney bought a Flatliner shot!
  • Chris Flohr bought a round of Sex on the Beaches!
  • Brad Sykes bought a peppermint patty shot!
  • Tom Augustine bought a Y2K shot!
  • Scott Schweitzer bought a bottle of zinfandel!
  • Barry Chandler bought two touchdown shots!
  • Jim Brochowski bought two blue slammer shots!
  • Patricia Scott bought a cactus cooler shot!
  • Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz bought an apple pie shot!

UPDATE: Raised over $600! Thanks for all your support!

5 Responses to “Instead of a birthday drink, help me feed families.”

  1. Kellyn Wilson says:

    Cheryl, GREAT idea and kudos for such a selfless act! Count me in for something, I’ll be all over this as soon as payday comes! Happy birthday!

  2. Enjoy the virtual six pack! Great idea Cheryl, wonderful cause too! Happy Birthday!

  3. Lissa says:

    What a way to spread the love while celebrating a milestone and use your gifts for good. Kudo’s Cheryl.

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