i am a good idea.

Read it on Reddit

Ok, in order for this to makes sense you have to read Demetrius’ “read” as “red” not “reed” because the English language is confusing. And hopefully you read this paragraph’s opening sentence’s “read” as “reed”… and the first “read” in this sentence as “red.” Also when I say “dot com” you should read (reed) the “Expedia… dot com!” melody. Also I don’t remember what Demetrius and I were actually talking here about so contextually none of this will ever make sense and I guess that’s OK.

Demetrius: No, I read it
Me: Dot com!
Me: Oh my god
Me: Reddit
Me: Means “read it”
Demetrius: Yeah
Demetrius: Wait, you JUST GOT THAT?
Demetrius: I’m leaving you.

If you didn’t follow my instructions or if you did and you’re still confused, the key takeaway is that IT TOOK ME LIKE SIX YEARS TO GET THAT “REDDIT” MEANS “READ IT” EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE STICKERS AND STUFF THAT SAYS “I READ IT ON REDDIT.”

Remember when I did the “Fast Friendsthing and meant a bunch of strangers from the internet? This guy is doing something similar except way cooler and he’s sourcing people to meet from Reddit (READ IT!) and he’s asking them all about their passions and what makes them who they are and he’s calling it The Perspective Movement and you can read all about all of the people he’s met so far (including me!) on his blog.

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  1. LeAnn says:

    Umm.. Yeah you aren’t the only one – I just got it when you posted this!

  2. Cheryl says:

    haha a bunch of people on twitter said the same thing! i’m glad i’m not alone in my inability to get the obvious.

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