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Shit I did in January

Last night my friend Bryant from Yelp Columbus hosted a Lumbersexual (yes you read that correctly) party with my client Smokehouse Brewing and it was super fun to be a part of but the point of me telling you about it is that 10 minutes ago I was sitting in my conference room meeting about a cool new project to promote local breweries when this woman walks in and hands me three pounds of bacon which Bryant had apparently sent me through Whence as a thank you for helping with the event so basically I’m having the best day ever and I hope your life is filled with Lumbersexual fantasies and bacon dreams.

whence bacon

Shit I wrote here:

  • Things I’m loving lately
  • My super sexy breathing machine
  • Shit I wrote other places:

  • Drink Up Columbus: Buckeye Canning seals one million Ohio beers and counting
  • Drink Up Columbus: Drunk Brunch – Brunch & Bowl at Bosco
  • Drink Up Columbus: Wolf’s Ridge taproom opening January 23
  • Drink Up Columbus: Four to look for at this weekend’s Columbus Beerfest
  • Shit that happened elsewhere:

  • WTVN had me back on to talk about this weekend’s Columbus Beerfest
  • I’m hosting February’s Beers and Board Games club meetup February 17 at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s new taproom
  • I’m also organizing a Beers and Board Games CRUISE now because why would I NOT be?! If you’re potentially interested in joining us (September 5-13), sign up here!
  • I updated the client section on the speechbbuble website for the first time in, uh, ever, in case you’ve ever wondered who I work with on the social media and PR side of things
  • Shit I Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinned, Google Plus’d, YouFace’d or otherwise shared somewhere on the internet:

  • Please put this 99 cheese pizza in my mouth
  • Can someone help me make this TARDIS murphy bed?
  • The word “moist
  • The $3,500 pledge level for The Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter is still available and everyday I get closer to buying it
  • Negativity in the craft beer business
  • selfie

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