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Shit I Did in November

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I was affiliated with a bar consultancy in Napoli, Italy because she had stumbled across a Facebook page for “Drinkup Napoli” that was using a nearly-identical version of the Drink Up Columbus logo.

Drink Up Columbus Napoli logo

My answer, of course, was “WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK?!” as I certainly had not authorized anyone in Italy or otherwise to use or, in this case, bastardize, my logo, so I unleashed the Internet on the poor guy who, it turns out, didn’t realize the logo was stolen and had paid a sketchy designer for what he thought was an original logo and he apologized (at least I think, he apologized in Italian) and he ended up changing his logo but for a few hours I was involved in an international incident of infringement and it was highly entertaining and the moral of the story is DON’T MESS WITH ME.

Shit that happened in November:

  • I hosted a 24-hour board game marathon to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital and we raised over $5,000 for da kids! Check me out on 610 WTVN, Good Day Columbus and NBC4 promoting the event, and marvel at this picture of me giving the hospital a giant check because I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GIVE SOMEONE A GIANT CHECK!
  • I competed in a charity lip sync battle while I was disgustingly sick and still managed to win the first round by crushing the Nicki Minaj verse in “Monster” but didn’t end up winning overall and THANK GOD there’s no video of my performances except for this short clip my friend Bryant snuck
  • I turned 27 it feels a lot like 26 so far
  • I have a theme song thanks Hashtag Comedy
  • Shit that’s coming up:

  • The next Beers and Board Games meetup is this Wednesday – we’re moving our permanent home to Smokehouse Brewing starting 12/23 but in the meantime we’ll be at Actual Brewing this week and Lineage Brewing the following two weeks.
  • I’m on the planning committee for the Columbus Museum of Art’s Wonderball fundraiser and tickets are now on sale. It will be… Wonderful.
  • Shit I Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinned, Google Plus’d, YouFace’d or otherwise shared somewhere on the internet:

  • Spec work
  • Realistic Monopoly cards
  • I’m obsessed with Watershed’s new Old Fashioned
  • In search of craft beer’s most wanted
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