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Shit I Did in October

When I saw Inside Out in theaters this summer I cried my eyes out which was super awkward since 1) my boyfriend and I were the only childless adults in the theater and 2) we both had two empty bottles of Columbus Brewing Company IPA in front of us so all the parents kept looking at us like we were a couple of drunk weirdos which, to be fair, we are. Alcohol aside, Inside Out made me laugh hysterically and weep uncontrollably, which I guess is good I guess since it’s a movie about feelings? Anyway, it’s out on DVD now, rent it.

So armed with love for the movie and for Mindy Kalig I was pretty pumped to be Disgust this year and even managed to rope a few other friends into the racket, though 4 out of 5 feelings agree we needed a Sadness.

Inside Out Halloween Costume cosplay

Shit that happened in October:

  • Our local NPR station had me back on to talk about craft beer in Columbus
  • I went to Buffalo in July but I procrastinated didn’t get a chance to write about it until October so read all about beer and Buffalo
  • Broadway in Columbus asked me to be part of their Kinky Boots campaign and stand up for something – in some tight ass boots that made “standing” physically impossible
  • I guest ‘Grammed for LiveColumbus. I was the first person asked to run their Instagram account in October 2014, so it was like a lil’ reunion! Here are the pics from my exciting day*
  • Shit that’s coming up:

  • Saturday, November 7: This epic 24-hour board game marathon I’m hosting to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Monday, November 9: Our monthly Drink Up Columbus happy hour meetup at 101 Beer Kitchen in Gahanna
  • Tuesday, November 10: The Literacy Project’s monthly meetup at Kafe Kerouac
  • Tuesday, November 17: Um…. MY BIRTHDAY. :-D
  • Friday, November 20: The Columbus Lip Sync Battle. I have been asked to perform. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (and use code “cheryl” for $10 off tickets for this cool fundraiser!)

    Shit I Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinned, Google Plus’d, YouFace’d or otherwise shared somewhere on the internet:

  • The Bloggess says you can have your cake and eat it too
  • Netflix settle
  • Science sort of proves Doctor Who’s weeping angels could be a thing
  • Top Brewery Road Trip, Routed Algorithmically
  • I’d love to see more restaurants go this route: How a no-tipping policy tripled this restaurants profits in 2 months
  • *I didn’t actually do any of those things on that day. I was at my house, in my sweat pants, painting my kitchen. Everything you see on the internet is a lie.

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