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Shit I Did This Week – 1/24/2014

…and by “shit I did this week” I mean “Shit I’ve done since NOVEMBER FREAKIN’ FIRST because I am a slacker of epic proportions and it’s been that long since I’ve posted one of these. My bad.”

…but that’s not a very web-friendly blog post title, or something.

Shit I wrote on here:

Shit I wrote other places:

Shit that happened elsewhere:

  • Two more episodes of the ever awkward and amusing-only-to-us Studio 35 Show starring me, MaddWolf and Studio 35 owner Eric. Here’s January, and here’s February. Related: The MaddWolf folks got props in ThisWeekNews with a plug for the show.
  • I hosted three TV Talk Doctor Who podcasts to hold you over till the show returns later this year: An Adventure in Space and Time (the made-for-TV movie about the creation of the show), The Day of The Doctor (the 50th anniversary special) and The Time of the Doctor (the Christmas special). Allons-y!
  • I also hosted the Boardwalk Empire TV Talk podcast which wrapped up sometime after I started blogslacking, so you can catch up with all the episodes here.
  • I was a guest on The Ohio Beercast blogger roundable – the name of the recorded live chat is “A Beer Rim Job” so you know it’s classy.
  • I hosted the second Beers and Board Games Club meetup last week – another will be in early February, you should come, because those two things are awesome.

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