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Social Media Links O’ The Week: August 1-7

Before I get into the weekly share, I have a question: Within the articles section, do you guys want to see all the  social media news of the week (stuff like Facebook getting rid of regional networks, ESPN banning employees from Tweeting about anything besides ESPN, and Flickr upgrading photo search) or do you only want to see inspirational/helpful/extremely newsworthy articles? I end up trimming about 25 “news” articles a week because I’m not trying to compete with Mashable or TechCrunch with that type of content. Please let me know in a comment! Thanks. And now, the links:


How to Create Compelling Content by Being Playful

The bandwidth-sync correlation that’s worth thinking about

Should Your Brand Have Its Own URL Shortener? Coca-Cola Now Does

Six Reasons Videos That Aren’t Viral Are Valuable

10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock

26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for your Blog

8 Best Practices for Retailers on Facebook

Who uses Social Networks?

5 Reasons Why Twitter’s Growth Cannot Be Stopped

Now on YouTube… Local News

Tweeting, texting render avid users ‘present yet absent’

Denial-of-Service Attack Knocks Twitter Offline

Get more Twitter Followers TODAY

I’m Not Talking to You

tools – Make a purchase, take a picture and Tweet the location of the item

Listia – Give and get FREE stuff

IE6 no more – Want to help kill IE6? Here’s some code you can embed in your site to tell people to UPGRADE ALREADY!

TweetBlocker – Identify and unfollow Twitter spammers


MySpace Graveyard: Collehe Humor Labs

YouTube “Extensions”: College Humor Labs

Unexpected Divorce Intro (JK Wedding Dance parody)

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