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Social Media Links O’ The Week: August 8-14


Facebook Agrees to Acquire Sharing Service FriendFeed
Facebook press release about their Monday aquisition of FriendFeed.

FACEBOOK FIRED: 8% of US Companies Have Sacked Social Media Miscreants
Mashable article about people losing their jobs because of social media faux pas

Breakfast Can Wait. The Day’s First Stop is Online.
New York Times article about our need to check teh interwebz as soon as we wake up

Facebook and the Challenges of Search
Facebook launched real-time search, but there are still some problems

LOL this and LMFAO that
Have new communication tools made us stupid?

Twitter’s platform shortcomings
Scobleizer talks about some of the things that make Twitter distrusted, for good reason

Study reveals interesting results about Twitter usage
40% of Tweets are “useless babble,” and more

Social Media Revolution
Crazy powerful statistics about social media usage

Project Retweet: The end of RTs as we know them?
Twitter plans to officially accept retweets, and their plans will completely change the way we do ’em

Are Facebook and Twitter on a collision course?

Friending and Reputation


Know your mojo – what’s your Twitter mojo? I’m a “BFF”

TweetShell – Tweet from command line


College Humor Labs: Wolfram Alpha – New “search engine” knows everything. Including that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Retweeting in Real Life – short comic from HubSpot. Oh-so true.

Twitpocalypse – Twitter, you don’t piss off 4chan!

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