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Social Media Links O’ The Week


Does Obama pass the social media test?
A scorecard of his performance on various social networking platforms.

Better Business Bureau Warns About Twitter Scams
Make $800 a day on Twitter? I don’t think so.

20 Better Ways to Filter your Tweets on Twitter
Ways to get the most out of your Twitter stream, including filtering out keywords, filtering in links, and grouping.

Upcoming Social Media/Web Conferences Guide
Pretty self-explanatory

Funny social media videos
The best videos making fun of the social web

What Click-Through Rate Can You Expect From Twitter?
A survey reveals some interesting information about clicks on links posted to Twitter

10 Qualities that can make your video go viral
Great tips to maximize your online video potential

Creating Event Visibility Using Twitter & Hashtags Part I and Part II
Hashtags create visibility – how to capitalize on that for your events

Why Automated Blogging Tools Should Be Avoided
Tools that create blog content automatically for you are not only stupid, but a bad idea. Here’s why.

Get your Twitter profile to 100% completeness
Want to know what it takes to get your Twitter profile to “100% complete”?

The 5 B’s of Bad Link Building: Borrowing, Begging, Bartering, Bribing and Buying
What you DON’T want to do to get inbound links, and why

Facebook Introduces The Fan Box. Take That, MySpace.
New Facebook feature lets fan page content live on external websites

Google Finally Adds Creative Commons To Image Search
Take that, Flickr

Since when are blogs not social media?
People have started equating “social media” with social networking and thinking of “blogs” as something… else?


ReTweetRank – Find any Twitter users’ retweet rank

Aardvark – Ask questions on Twitter and get *live* answers from your network!Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer any question in real-time. More about Twitter integration here. Previously worked on Gmail Chat, Google Talk, AIM and, iChat, MSN Mesenger, Windows Live, Hotmail

Twitter for busy people – Browse Tweets quickly by perusing avatars

ScreenJelly – Screencapture and Tweet or e-mail up to 30 minutes of screensharing

TinyChat –  Free audio + video + chat room. If you have a web cam and mic you’re in! It’s easy to set up too. Just create a chat room and invite people to join through a link.

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