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Social Media Links O’ The Week: July 12-17


Social Media Business Models
Thinking about starting a social media company? Here are 5 potential revenue models

Facebook adds ad targeting for apps
Want to target mafia wars players? You can now

Social Media is a kegger
What is social media, and how can you make the most of it? Social media is a PARTY!

Google Reader takes another social step with people search and likes
New reader functionality makes it less aggregator, more social network

Social Media Safety Warning: NY State fines $300,000 for Fake Reviews. Learn to Protect Your Brand.
Paying people to say nice things about you online? You could end up paying more in the end

Laying Out Your Online Experience
What people WANT from you online.

An Animated Film Is Created Through Internet Consensus
A wiki-type film project hits the big screen

9 First Step Goals for New Bloggers
Want to start blogging but don’t know where to start? Here are nine benchmarks to reach.

What’s in a URL?
New domain laws are opening up a whole new world of URL possibility. But do you need to get that custom?

Why Your Email Needs Social Media (and How to Do It Right)
Combine the power of your e-mail distribution list with their connections via social media integration

Twouble with Twitter: The Fall-Out After the Hack
A combined directory of some of the blogs and Twitter responses after the site was hacked.

tools Gives “favoriting” Tweets more use, including the ability to follow people from,  see what tweets your friends are favoriting, who is favoriting your Tweets, etc.

TweetFeel Get a numerical score of how postive or negative the chatter on Twitter is about something

Twitcaps Real-Time Images posted to Twitter via Twitpic or YFrog

BingTweets Enables you to see deeper, real-time information about the hottest topics on Twitter by fusing Bing search results with the latest tweets


Ask HolyJuan: How can I get more followers on Twitter?

Guinness World Records Reaches New Levels Of Fail

Twitter Creator on Iran: “I never intended for Twitter to be useful.”

Top 15 Web Hoaxes of All Time

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