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Social Media Links O’ The Week: July 19-24


10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Social Media Thinking
Jason falls gives ten tips to kick start out-of-the-box (i.e. it’s not all about Twitter and Facebook) social media planning

Small Businesses are Reaching Out to the World With Twitter
New York times article about supersmall businesses gravitating toward social media because it is accessible, free and very simple

Are Media and PR Pros Ready to Embrace the Twitter-Sized Press Release?
140 character press releases at $50/character? Are you kidding me?

Social Media Karma
What are you doing to hurt or enhance yours?

Sharing on Facebook Now More Popular than Sharing by Email
Facebook now dominates sharing, with 24 percent of shares from the widget consisting of users posting items there

Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes
Avoid a hack like Twitter had. Don’t make your password “password1″ – great password suggestions

Getting Your Colleagues in the Social Media Game
When you’re trying to make the case for social media inside your company, it’s not just your bosses you have to convince – your colleagues and co-workers need some education, too.

Product marketing on Twitter done right
A case study on Avitae45, caffeinated water from Columbus, Ohio

How to Treat Your Blog Like a Business
What you need to look at specifically to treat our blogs more like a business and less like a hobby

Study Shows Social Media Correlates to Financial Performance
…and other findings from a recent report

Building a Powerful Professional Development Network On Twitter is your Next Teacher
Great tips on building a strong network

Change Facebook Username…once
Did you pick a “joke” username that you now regret? 1 free do-over

New Media University: Twitter 101 for Business
Twitter launches instructional 101 series for individuals and companies

tools Have a personal domain name but not sure whether you should have it redirect to your blog, Facebook profile, LinkedIn or Twitter account? Lacking the time or skills to set up a web presence of your own where you can point to all of them at will? is here to save the day.

TwitCam Host live video chats within Twitter

Tweetmondo Want to find Twitter users who are RIGHT BY YOU RIGHT NOW? Enter Tweetmondo.

Twitter Petitions Want to petition something on Twitter? Here’s a list of a bunch of sites that help you do it


Kevin Spacey Tweets with David Letterman

Now you want to be my friend on Facebook? Are you f$*king kidding me? A song.

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