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Social Media Links O’ The Week: July 25-31


Quid Pro No
Do we have an obligation to reciprocate every action in social media?

Sponsored Conversations on Twitter Raise Concerns, Prompt Standards
Should companies be able to pay for Tweets? Mayyyybe?

Who are Tweeple Tweeting to?
Study reveals mostly friends, but is that an accurate category?

Tweeting from the web? Nine alternative web-based clients
Are you on of those people who refuses to install a desktop application for Twitter? Here are alternatives

8 Tips for Effectively Updating Your Facebook Page
Good suggestions for creating content people will interact with

How the Old, the Young & Everyone in Between Uses Social Networks
eMarketer study revealing hw and why different generations use social media

How NOT to react to haters
I screwed up. Here’s how. And how you can avoid it.

10 Insights Gained from Spending 7,280 Hours on Social Media Websites
Author spent 40 hours a week for 3.5 years utilizing social networking sites and shares the 10 solid insights

How to Create Compelling Blog Content Through Reader Interaction
The benefits of reader interaction and how to get YOUR readers to interact

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal: The Most Important Facts (And Some Opinion)
You’ve been under a rock if you missed this news. Here’s an overview of all the juicy deets.

Managing an Online Reputation
New York Times tackles reputation management

The goal of Twitter’s new homepage? Be the world’s water cooler
Twitter’s redesign leads with trending topics, because that’s what gets people interested in Twitter

The New MySpace Mail Quietly Emerges As A Big-Time Email Competitor
But who the hell uses MySpace? :) Nah – go MySpace – e-mail seems legit

Top 15 Social Media Resources for Foodies
Mmm, food. Ranging from social media shopping to iPhone aps

Blogging in a Flooded Market Shouldn’t Mean Failure
There are over 37,000 blog posts written EVERY HOUR. How to make sure your content doesn’t get lost in the flood.

From Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles
Are you a company with a persona or a person with a company?

Twitter has not jumped the shark… and probably never will
The simplicity of Twitter being a primary reason, some insight into why Twitter won’t simply fade away, from FastCompany


Twinslator Translates Tweets into over 40 languages

TwitClick Make links on your Twitter profile image clickable!

OneWed – Social network between you and your friends for planning your wedding

TweetBucks Shorten URLs and make money if a) you link to a merchant and someone buys a product or b) you have an ad frame


Shatner Reads Palin’s Tweets on the Tonight Show

Apple Claims New IPhone only visible to most loyal of customer

Google Pulls Apple from Search Results


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