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Social Media Links O’ The Week


Chris Brogan: 19 Presence Management Chores You Could Do Every Day
Many folks complain that they do not have enough time to keep up with social media. While it can be extremely time consuming, doing just a few things on each of your social networks can help establish a strong online presence and build relationships.

The best web-based task manager
Trying to get organized on the web? Slate offers a breakdown of the best web-based task managers

FTC to go after Blogger freebies

The Federal Trade Commission is planning to crack down on bloggers who review or promote products while earning freebies or payments. What you need to know.

16 bitchin’ commands and shortcuts for Twitter
Search and other useful commands for Twitter

Iran Election Stats
The Iran election has been consistently trending on Twitter for the past month. Here are some stats from Mashable.

On Using Tools
Nate Riggs talks about social media from the perspective of a toolbox

PayPal wants you to Do Stuff For MONEY
Ever say to your friend “I’d give you $20 bucks if…”? Now you can do this via PayPal.

Is Twitter the news outlet for the 21st century?
Jackson’s death latest major news event where Twitter played central role

Will my video get one million views on youTube?
The odds. They’re not good.

How to get Re-Tweeted on Twitter
Tips with data to back em

Getting results with social media

Slideshare presentation from Jamie Timm from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce

tools –> Allows you to relatively easily bookmark a site or blog to over 160 social bookmarking engines -> Sends you an email everytime you get a new followed with their last few tweets, location, bio, avatar, etc, instead of just # of followers/following e-mails you currently can opt into from Twitter

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