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The Thing About QR Codes

Is that they’re really useful… if your audience knows what the hell they are.

And even if they do know WHAT a QR Code is, if they can’t remember the word “QR Code,” they won’t be able to find the app that lets them use it.

A lot of your customers have no interest in scanning your QR Codes. Or following you on Twitter. Or checking in. Or downloading your app.

So give those people another way to connect with you.


8 Responses to “The Thing About QR Codes”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Great article, Mihaela, thanks for sharing!

  2. Tim McGeary says:

    What does it say about QR codes that Google has dropped their development of them? I don’t have an answer, but I’ve been thinking about that as QR codes are starting to get some use, albeit small, in our university library.

  3. Well, and I think it’s important that the businesses using them know how to use them. A QR code works great on a form or a sticker…NOT as your avatar or an image on your webpage.

    Good work, lady!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Sarah – Great point. The QR Code on the Woodland’s table tents in this post is generated by MailChimp, which is awesome – however, Constant Contact, who I use for another client, tried to convince me that sticking a QR Code in an email somehow made sense. WTF? Why? They’re IN THE EMAIL. Why are they scanning anything?!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Tim – how is lehigh using QR codes? Interesting…

  6. Tim McGeary says:

    We are putting them on shelves which link to web pages listing journals and databases within that subject area. Which is good in the local implementation, but as Google dependency (and usefulness) increases in academic research, if Google doesn’t think QR codes are a worthwhile investment, are we wasting our time?

    I’m not suggesting that we play monkey see Google, monkey follows Google, but they are indeed one of the elephants in the world-wide developers room.

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