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Things I’m loving lately


classpass columbus
If you like to workout in group classes, OR if you’re not sure IF you like to workout in group classes and need some guidance on WHICH group classes, if any, are right for you, then you’ll love ClassPass. I fall into the latter category – I work out twice a week one-on-one with a trainer, but the idea of sweating on strangers doesn’t appeal to me. For a monthly fee, ClassPass let’s you take unlimited classes at any number of gyms across your city — it launched here in Columbus this month. During the trial ClassPass gave me, I tried seven classes at four separate studios over a period of three weeks. During that time, I learned that Barre is a horrible terrible thing meant only for skinny flexible bitches, that CrossFit people are… let’s say very friendly, and that BodyPump and Pound are the workouts for me.

The Expanse Series

expanse series
These books are kind of like Prometheus meets Firefly and told using the alternating character perspectives plot device found in the Game of Thrones books (which makes sense, as the Expanse‘s co-author also writes with George R.R. Martin.) I’m halfway through the third book right now – the fourth came out last year. Pick up the first in the series, Leviathan Wakes, on Amazon. I just found out that the series is being adapted for television this year as The Expanse on Syfy, which I’m sort of excited about because I feel like the books read like a TV script, but it is Syfy, so my expectations are, uh, low…fy.

David Yurman bling

david yurman jewelry
After my boyfriend bought me the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever seen, I sort of got obsessed with David Yurman’s cable wrapped pieces. So last week, to celebrate two years of successful solopreneurship, I bought myself a matching ring to serve as a daily reminder that I’m one boss bitch. I’m already dreaming of my next piece!

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